Larissa Joyce

Effort…..This sidewalk and beach is nearby my home and I have spent a lot of time here. The scenery and ambiance of the park are amazing. Mostly I walk along the sidewalk where the path under my feet is solid and secure. It is easy to walk here. If I chose to walk down the stairs I know that the path underfoot will take much effort. The pebbles on this beach are thick and they shift a lot underfoot. When I walk on the beach I know it is going to be a leisurely stroll and a lot of work. When I walk on the sidewalk I can walk quickly and get my heart rate up. There is no right way or wrong way to go. I will reach the same destination. One way is easier than the other. Sometimes life is like that. Both paths get us their, only one is more difficult. Weigh your options and decide carefully which path you are willing to take. Once you decide, remember life is a journey that is walked out one step at a time.

Photo Copyrighted © Larissa-Joyce 2018

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