Larissa Joyce

Sunrise….When was the last time you woke up early to watch the sunrise? I have been watching several this summer. There is something so peaceful about starting your day watching the day dawn anew. I have always considered myself an evening person but watching sunrises have turned me into a morning person and I have noticed that I get more done in a day than I used to. Are you a morning person or evening person? Are you getting enough done in a day? Do you need to make a change? Try doing something you’ve never done. Watch a sunrise and start the day earlier. My motto this year is to do the opposite of what I have done in the past on several fronts because I have found myself in a place that I despise. I figure I can’t keep doing the same things I used to because if I do I will just get similar results as before. Time to shake things up and try a new thing. What’s newer than bringing in the new day?

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