Larissa Joyce

Past & Future life…..This ferry represents my past life and my future life. This ferry goes to an Island that I lived on for several years. On that island I was in my 20’s, had a lot of friends, worked a job that was sometimes fun, sometimes I hated. Either way, it was a dead-end job. It represents a time when I was married, then divorced. It represents a time of depression and suicide. Today I never take that ferry. Instead, my future lies in the city that I live in. It too has a bad past that I would rather forget. But the ferry keeps going back and forth; docking and departing. My life is like that as well. Sometimes I dock in a season of life; good or bad. But it’s my choice to depart a bad season. Sometimes when I depart a season of my life I am not always on time, unlike this ferry that is on a tight schedule. Had I departed my 2nd marriage faster I wouldn’t have as much hurt and wounds. Had I departed a job I hated I might not have left with such bad feelings and broken work relationships. Sometimes the sooner you realize you need to leave the better it is to depart.

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