Larissa Joyce

Cleat…On my walk, I found several of these cleats. They are big enough and tall enough to sit on like a bench and look out over the water. This type of cleat you will find on a boat so that the boat can be tied up to something like a dock. There are other types of cleats that we can find on the bottoms of shoes that help us to keep our footing. This boat cleat keeps the boat while unattended to stay close to the dock so that it doesn’t get lost as it floats off.

I think that us as humans we too need a type of cleat. We need to attach ourselves to something so that we don’t get lost in our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions. Some emotions that could be dangerous to get lost in are suicide, depression, and anxiety. We must sturdy our feet as though we have shoes on with cleats that keep us from losing our footing. Have you ever made a decision only too feel like inside you were jumping off of a cliff?

When the hard times come in life such as a divorce, a death, a terminal diagnosis you must find yourself a cleat. You must find something to keep you grounded and strong in the storm. I have decided to be proactive in my situation and knowing that I have tended towards depression and anxiety in the past I have found myself a counselor. She is my cleat in this storm so that I don’t leave the dock and so that I keep my feet sturdy and the storm doesn’t blow me away.

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