Larissa Joyce

Focus…Once you find your cleat, and your perspective is set, the next thing to do is to focus. Within all of what’s going on in the storm or in the struggle that you are pushing through to achieve a goal, what is the main focus? It helps me to write things down on paper while I process through things. I like to make lists and break my goals up into steps. Sturdy your feet with cleats so you don’t lose your stance. Find someone who can be your strength for you and encourage you through when you are weak. Keep your perspective hopefull and stay strong as you battle. It doesn’t matter if this is a good battle such as running your first marathon or a bad battle where you are fighting a terminal illness. When the hope and strength and perspective begin to drop you need to call your cleat, that person who will get your eyes refocused on the end goal. Focus on crossing that finish line as you run the marathon. Focus on doing everything you can to beat the terminal illness. If you can’t beat the illness or you can’t run the race at least fail with dignity knowing that you tried your best and you gave it your all. The important thing is to not give up. Give it your all. Fight with focused determination to the end.

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