Larissa Joyce

Making Memories….This is a picture of me and my ATV in Wallace Idaho. I remember this day very well. I remember who I was with, that we rode on a paved back highway to get here and that we stopped and did some site seeing on the way. I remember how I felt. I was excited, happy and that day it was the perfect temperature. We had planned this day trip to have lunch at the lake and here you see me munching on apples. I remember we saw something across the lake and thought it might be a black bear.

Right now I am in a season of trying to figure out the purpose and meaning of my life here on this ball called Earth. I look at pictures like this and I see meaning in relationships and friendships. I see purpose in traveling and making fun memories. I see meaning and purpose is spending time with the ones you love… Love… Life is about loving one another and sharing life. But so frequently we lose sight of that and think it’s about creating wealth and notoriety for ourselves. At the end of life, it doesn’t matter who you were to strangers, or how much money is in your account, it’s about the love you gave and received to those near and dear to you.

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