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Extreme-ISM: Is veganism sustainable?

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I am guilty of Extreme-ism and so are you I bet.

We tend to call this passion and say that we are passionate about something in particular. Let’s take football for example. People pretty much are either sports fans or they aren’t. I am not really a sports fan. I will attend a game at the stadium and I will even meet friends at a house or bar and watch a game. I must confess I am not really watching the game. I am more focused on the comradery, the food and the fact that I am out of the house doing something for the day to break up the monotony of my life. I like my friends and I am willing to watch football with them and pretend to be slightly interested.

Now take the sports fan. They may have season tickets or purchase a lot of tickets when they can afford to go to a game. They have team clothing, team signs, team bumper stickers, etc… to show the world that they are a sports fan. They follow the sports stats, they know when the season starts and ends, they know other sports fans that they can talk to about sports even in the offseason. Is this passion or is this extreme-ism? Well when your team loses and your mood is affected because a bunch of overpaid people, lost to another team of overpaid people regarding a ball on the grass, I would say that is extreme-ism. I recall a time when my ex-husband went to bed after a game at 5pm and pulled the covers over his head and whined like a 10-year old that he is never going to watch another game again. Geez, I literally thought he was going to cry for realz!

Okay so maybe you don’t like my definition of Extreme-ism using sports and football. Well, what if I were to use Veganism? These people are passionate about food and what to put into their mouth or what not to put into their mouth. They are concerned about the clothes they wear, the furniture they buy the products they use because they don’t want to use any animal product of any kind. They become so passionate about it that they become politically involved and some are even willing to go to jail over their idealism. Would you say this is Extreme-ism?

I have recently been eating a plant-based diet and calling myself a vegan only because so many people don’t understand plant-based and they think I eat animal products and I don’t. I became so extreme in my lifestyle of plant-based eating that I even turned my dogs plant-based. I did it after a lot of research. But now that we have all received amazing healing and health and energy I am having this concern that plant-based diet is too extreme of a way to eat. It seems the further I get from eating animal products the more fear I have. I know that people can get sick once they incorporate animal products again and I hate being sick. I also hear a lot of stories of ex-vegan because veganism made them sick. Its been a year for me and my dogs with no animal products for almost 2 years with some cheats in there. I have already added eggs to my dog’s diet and will add in bone broth in the next couple of weeks along with the eggs and increase that until eventually, I will add in meat again. I also am going to do the same thing for myself.

I want to live a balanced lifestyle in everything that I do. I don’t want to be extreme in any of my belief systems. My belief about food, spirituality, education, politics, etc…I want to be a level and balanced human being in all avenues of my life.

The standard American diet is one where meat is eaten at almost every meal and every day. If not meat then other animal products like milk, cheese, yogurt, etc… I will likely continue to eat vegan yogurt, rarely cheese, likely no milk unless its raw, and I plan to eat meat no more than twice a week. I will likely continue to cook my dogs food, lentils, rice and veggies in bone broth instead of water. Maybe egg twice a week and meat once a week. That’s the plan anyway. If I feel it isn’t enough or is too much then I will make changes accordingly but now I am willing to find a balance instead of the extreme eating mentality of animal products at every meal.

The standard American diet appears to be what is called healthy as we look at the food pyramid that was created for us. But it seems to me that with the medical industry doing so well and so many people on medication that the standard American diet isn’t the correct diet. There has to be a balance in there somewhere between just plants and lots of animals. I hope to find that balance in my life.

So to answer the question…Is vegan sustainable? For me, the answer is no. Also for a lot of people, the answer is no. For myself, I believe that some of these symptoms that I keep thinking I need to detox from may just be symptoms from lack of animal protein. Also, I hate any time that FEAR runs me and I seem to have more anxiety the longer I go without animal products. This to me is my gut, my second brain, my 6th sense, telling me I am doing something wrong and I need to eat animal protein.

With all of that said I would like to end with my testimony of health.

My dogs

Arrow= Papillion mix. He just would not gain weight and was skin and bones. On a vegan diet he has gained weight and has muscle and looks really healthy  and lean.

Cinder= Scottish Terrior. She has energy where she didn’t have any and she is only a young dog of about 4 years.

Molly= Chihuahua. She had a scabby growth on her ear that looked like mites that puppies sometimes get. She had it around the top tips of her ear. It just never went away and the vet didn’t know what it was or how to get rid of it. It is gone and disappeared after just 2 weeks on a vegan diet.

Frisco= Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix. He is the one that got the most healing and I see the most difference in. Before his diet change at 7 years old, he would just lay around and he had seizures which began to increase in frequency from 1-2 a year to 1 every 6-8 weeks. After going vegan he went 10 months with no seizure. He is now on CBD oil to assist with that. He got his bounce back. I had completely forgotten that he used to bounce up and down frantically all the time where food or the leash is concerned. It had been years since he bounced. He had brown in the whites of his eye and that is nearly gone. He used to have a teary eye from that eye and no more tears. Fur under his eye is nice and dry again.

All of the dogs.

They are no longer dehydrated, they all have way more energy and seem way more playful and none of them get eye buggers. They all drive me crazy because they are all so healthy.

My only health concern.

Frisco has acid reflux and I can’t seem to do anything to make it stop. I even give him probiotics, enzymes, and Apple Cider Vinegar and nothing seems to help to completely get rid of it.

My own healing testimony.

I only have one small patch of Tinea Versicolor left. I had it pretty bad there for awhile as it was on the back of my neck and going into my scalp and itched.

I haven’t had any huge SVT episodes that sent me to the ER to get Adenosine. I have learned how to eat so as not to trigger SVT. My triggers are low potassium, white sugar, and dairy.

I am more health conscious about vitamins and minerals, fruits and veggies where before I never gave it a thought. I hated fruit and veggies.

I lost 15 lbs and have learned how to maintain my weight. And I do mean maintain. It never changes. I am consistently the same exact weight day after day no matter how much I eat.

My hair has grown super fast. My skin looks amazing. I have lots of energy.

My concern.

Not getting amino acids and other stuff that I can only get from eating meat and eggs.

I hope this helps someone in making their decision on whether to stay or go vegan, plant-based, etc. I think it is great short term as I have learned a lot about diet, nutrition and myself.

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