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Welcome: Eat & Live a High Vibration Lifestyle

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Why am I welcoming you to my blog after I have been here for about a year now? When I first started this blog it looked much different. It was geared towards faith in Christ and how I was eating vegan and how that has helped my health. The last 6 months though I have been going through a really rough season spiritually. I have walked away from all religion and am now pursuing a different path.

I would have to say that my path now is more of a scientific path than a spiritual path. Since walking away from religion I have dealt with anxiety and things in my personal life added to that stress of the unknown and increased my anxiety. Life has been quite overwhelming lately and I was seeking natural ways to find my peace and keep the anxiety low and get back to my peaceful self. I had done EMDR Therapy many many years ago and got off of all anxiety medications. I have no intention of going back on medication for anxiety and returned to activities such as activating the vagus nerve and amazingly that has led me down a scientific path and answered a lot of questions about life for me.

I already did a blog post about the vagus nerve so I won’t go into the details here. On this journey, I did a lot of research and found information on the pineal gland. Researching the pineal gland led me to the explanation of how the universe is vibrating and that everything has a vibrational frequency. I have learned about meditation, yoga, binaural beats and opening your third eye. I want to welcome you to my blog formally and let you know that from now on this blog will be geared towards coming out of religion and how to do it quickly and peacefully. I know that when I came out I had a lot of questions that no one could answer. I have found those answers and I want to share them here with you. Most of my questions revolved around the deliverance ministry and how to explain it now that I am out.

If you are coming out of religion or coming out of Christianity I hope that my blog and YouTube videos will help you on your path. I know a lot of Christians get stuck in Judaism. I tried Judaism for a few weeks but knew it wasn’t correct either. I do believe I have tapped into the truth. So WELCOME I hope you find some answers you are looking for here.

Also on my blog, you will learn how to live a high vibration lifestyle and that will make more sense as we go along.


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