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What is the purpose of life?

Everything is interrelated. Let’s start at the beginning.

The Earth. How can the Earth be the Earth without soil, water, sunshine, plants, animals, and humans? Simple. It can’t. The Earth is a mass made up of all these things and it sits within a planetary space in the Milky Way. The Milky Way cannot be the Milky Way without planets and stars of which the Earth is one. The Earth cannot be the Earth without the Sun. The Earth is made up of vegetation and vegetation cannot be vegetation without sunlight. Therefore, the Earth cannot be the Earth without the sun. Everything is dependent upon everything else. Therefore, in order to find your purpose, you must find out what depends on you and what you depend on. Certain people will depend on you for exactly who you are. You are the culmination of the people you depended on to become you as well as the life experiences you encountered throughout your life.

You may give encouragement to someone, maybe a stranger maybe a friend. It will be exactly the encouragement they need to complete the task they were created to do. You may become employed at a business to gain experience to take with you to another job to do what you will need to do to become you and to also use your talents and skills for that business so that it can become what it needs to become. Are you getting this? We are all connected. Everything is connected.

Think about our bodies. Our body is our body and it is made up of a culmination of atoms and cells, organs and systems, thoughts and feelings, actions and reactions. We are not just what we see on the outside, a clothed body. A person with a job, finances, things, family, and friends. Our bodies are a finely tuned machine. Everything that we cannot see in order for the body to function must function properly and cohesively so that the body can do what it was created to do. The body carries you; Lydia, Makayla, Liam, Colton, Blake. You have a name and with that name comes an intangible personality filled with intangible feelings and emotions.

Earth –> Planet — > soil, sun, water, plants, animals, humans, etc…

Liam –> Body –> heart, lungs, blood, lymphatic system, emotions, etc…

Let’s take a look at the Earth. The Earth is made up of layers. This globe we live on is made up of a crust but the crust can’t be a crust without the mantle and the mantle can’t be a mantle without the core. The crust is the thinnest layer of the Earth. There is the continental crust which we live on and there is the oceanic crust which is what the oceans cover. I want to look at the continental crust for the moment.

The continental crust can’t be the continental crust without the mantle. It’s the sedimentary layer of this continental crust that we see soil that is the ground from which plant life grows its roots into. One might look at the core, the mantle, and the continental crust and think it’s unimportant when really it’s all those things that give us the apple we eat for a snack and the salad we eat at lunch. It is also the grass the deer eats in the clearing and the rabbit eats near the pond. The grass, the apple tree, and the lettuce all need the soil so the seeds can germinate and take root. They need the water from the sky and sun from above. It’s amazing that the Earth’s dirt, sun and rain can create an apple, lettuce and grass. Without these simple little foods, all human and animal life would cease to exist. The animals eat the plants and then they poop which in turn fertilizes the dirt and soil so that it can grow more plants for the humans and animals to eat.

There are the tree’s that we cut and process so that we can have paper for writing, and wiping our butts. We use these tree’s for buildings, houses and furniture. The people planting, cutting and processing the tree’s get paid for their hard work which in turn creates jobs so they can purchase food by the people that process the plants for food. Like the animals we “forage” for food but go about it by way of employment and currency. Without the one you cannot have the other.

Energy, Frequency, Vibration

I have this little equation that I use and it goes like this. We must be plugged into the power.

What is the power?

It is the energy from which everything comes. I do not claim to understand this energy or where it is. I just know it is there. This energy from which everything comes I think of as a good source energy. I think of it as light and power. I am like a lamp. I have an electrical cord like a lamp and I have a bulb like a lamp. If I keep my cord plugged into the source energy and I keep my bulb functioning and not let it burn out, then I will be like a lamp turned on shinning my light and shinning my energy that I receive from the source energy.

If I unplug myself from the source energy and I let my bulb burn out then I will not shine or have energy to share with others nor for my own life. I must stay plugged into the source energy.

How do I do this?

With my thoughts. Our thoughts have vibration and create our life around us. Everything has vibration and has the ability to influence our life. If I keep my thoughts in a forward direction looking ahead on the path of life then I can stay plugged in. But if I look to the left of the path or to the right of the path, I can get distracted and never make it to my destination.

What is the destination?

It is the thing that you were destined to do. It is the life and experiences you were destined to live. It is the people and animals you were destined to love and care for. Hence the word destined is in the word destination and we have a destiny.


We can get distracted from our destiny when we look to the right or to the left of this path. To the right is comparison. We compare our life, our looks, our talents, our social status to others around us. This can become distracting and be a barrier to reaching our destination.

Think of it like a child that has homework to do but instead of doing homework the child stands by the bedroom window looking outside at the other children playing. In this instance the child has animosity towards his or her homework and would rather be outside playing. The homework sits untouched and undone and the child stands at the window not getting to play but only wishing it could play. The child doesn’t do what it is supposed to nor is it getting to do what it is wanting to do and the moment is wasted.

When looking to the right and comparing ourselves to others we can go down a path of low self-esteem and self-hatred and reject ourselves and our own life because we feel as though we are not good enough. We become exhausted and exasperated by life and can give up on even trying to reach our destination. We become like the child at the window; not doing what needs to be done and not doing what we want. Instead we waste our life and move into survival mode. In survival mode we only do what we need to in order to survive. We work at a job that we are unhappy in, in order to make money to pay for the food, clothing and shelter that we need to survive. We experience bursts of joy but mostly we are just surviving. We are not moving forward towards the source energy nor are we drawing closer to our destination; our destiny.

To the left we have negative feelings and emotions.

When we look to the left we are looking at negativity. We are looking in the past and remembering the mistakes, the regrets, and the shame. Or maybe the past was better, “If only we could go back and relive those good times again” because I am not having good times now. Looking at the past can keep us from living the good life now.

To the left is also the negative behavioral and thought patterns that we have such as, lack of follow through, lack of motivation, self-sabotage, inability to make decisions and finish projects. When we get stuck in looking to the left, we are not living and being our best self. Instead we are living a life of dysfunction. If we were living a functional life then we would be able to function in a way that would assist us in staying plugged into the source energy. Remember, when we stay plugged in we will see our destiny.


Let’s go back again and think about the body.

When the body is healthy the body is functioning well. All the atoms, cells, organs and systems of the body are functioning together in unison so that the person can walk the path forward towards destiny. In this state of being, life is good. Source energy is flowing in and the body is working at a high frequency filled with good source energy. Thoughts are purposeful and emotions are balanced.

This makes me think of the engine of a vehicle. Imagine the hood of the vehicle is up and you’re looking at the engine running and it sounds so smooth and powerful. Think about the energy that is running through the engine that is making the pistons move up and down with such force as to move thousands of pounds of metal down the road. The fuel is clean and flowing freely as it should through the tubes and filters. The air is being sucked in and flowing out as it should through the exhaust. The sparks of electricity working properly. The oil is lubricating so everything is moving as it should. The body is much the same way. Think of the muscle car and how it is like the athlete. Now think about the power of a model T and the body of a sick person. The power, the strength, the energy flow, and the output.

When the body is unhealthy the body is dysfunctional. The body may experience pain, weakness, fatigue and brain fog. The atoms, cells, organs and systems of the body are not working in unison. The person is unable to walk the path forward into destiny because it has transitioned from purpose to survival. The state of the being is not good. Source energy is not flowing into the body to it’s fullest potential. The bodies thoughts and emotions are in distress. This is where the person may take their body to see a specialist to have the body looked at with x-rays, blood tests or MRI’s. Once the results come back from the tests you will be able to know the problem; immune disorder, heart disease, cancer. Is the problem at a cellular level, organ disfunction or system breakdown.

We need to remember that our Earth can go through this process as well. If we look at the news we can see the issues with the earth. On the news we can see murder and crime, extinction and environmental problems, social and governmental issues. These issues show the places where the earth herself is in dysfunction. We have families hurt by crime, animals and our environment suffering, people starving and sick.

Why is this so?

Our earth is sick much like our body can be sick. When the body is sick there is a breakdown in the synchronicity of the atoms, cells, organs and systems within it. They are not functioning in unison. There can be many reasons for this. It can be that the person is putting bad fuel into the body. The body is lacking the nutrients it needs to regenerate and stay healthy. It can be genetic. Genes that were passed down from the parents to the child. Maybe the body experienced a horrible accident such as a fall or car crash. There can be many reasons for the sickness in the body.

The earth is sick and she needs our help. Did the sun do it? The water do it? Did the plants or animals do it? Who made the earth sick? It is us. The humans. We made Gaia sick. We created things and did things that made her toxic. We hunted her animals and killed them to near extinction. We stripped her land and stripped it of its nutrients. We filled her oceans with radiation and poisons and fished her seas.




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