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Today I want to touch on something most people don’t think about. We are so busy just trying to get our daily amount of servings of produce per day that we rarely if ever think about; should those servings be eaten raw or cooked? Really does it even matter? Does cooking produce change it’s nutrients? Well…yes…yes it does!

Back in January 2017 I was doing the Daniel Fast for 30 days with my father. Basically this is based on a biblical story about a boy named Daniel who was full of wisdom & he asked his capture if he could only eat fruits & vegetables. I decided to do this Daniel fast with my father in order to detox my sugar cravings & maybe lose a few pounds I gained during the holiday season.

I really enjoyed the diet and found it easy to follow. I basically ate a lot of salads, snacked on fruits, and ate vegetable soups. Once our 30 days were up I decided to transition into a green juice fast. It had been a few years since I had done an extended juice fast and I thought why not now? I did the juice fast for about two weeks & felt so good that I transitioned from that into a “Raw Food Diet”. I ate raw fruit, vegetables, nuts & seeds for the next 10 months. During that ten months I started my day with 16oz of celery juice, then a big green smoothie for lunch & finished the day with a big salad.

Come fall, I was craving warm soups & oatmeal for breakfast. I began adding in cooked foods again in November 2017. I could definitely tell that my digestion was really good January through October. I didn’t feel bloated or fatigued and many symptoms that I had were gone. SVT episodes were gone. Heart palpatations were gone. Candida was declining and my Tinea Versicolor was disapearing. For the first time in my life I was truly not counting calories, stepping on the scale daily and I was maintaing my weight and I had control over binge eating.

Enter cooked food..dun..dun..daaah. As the meals progressed I began to eat less and less raw food. I loved the comfort of eating hot meals. I had purchased an Instant Pot which is an electic pressure cooker. I would make soups, chili’s, and stews. I ate baked flatbreads, homemade muffins, and oatmeal laden with nut butter and syrup. My diet had slowly evolved into cooked vegan with a tiny salad here and there. Fruit was abundant still as a topping on oatmeal and pancakes. Then I discovered no bake vegan cookies. These cookies are made with just three healthy ingredients but when they taste so good you can’t eat just one and they are healthy after all. But the combination of ingredients is a disaster waiting to happen to my utopic weight maintenance plan. The three ingredient? 20 dates, 1/2 cup of sunflowerseed butter and a cup of oatmeal. Let’s say it together “weight elevation”. Time to get back to the basics.

But how do I feel? Well, I suffer from bloating on occassion. I deal with brainfog and I constantly crave sugary (honey, syrup, vegan chocolate bar) and fattening foods (nut butter). I also feel physically lazy. My brain is alert but I have not motivation to go do anything.

I know that when I eat implement at least half of my calories from raw produce rather than cooked I just plain feel better all around. Sleep better, move better, exercise better, and yes eat & drink better, and maintain my weight better.

Have you thought about eating more raw produce? I challenge you today to look at your diet and eat more raw foods. April 1st 2019 begins my 90 day challenge. I have challenged myself to a raw diet for the next 90 days in order to improve my digestion and energy, and to lose my “cookie” weight.

Happy Spring! It’s time to spring clean our diets.

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