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Plant-Based Diet Improved My Anxiety Disorder

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Up until 2010, I had a pretty unhealthy diet as an adult. As a child, my mom fed me pretty well but I hated cooking as an adult. In 2010 I needed to lose weight and started to juice and went on an extended juice fast on and off throughout the year and lost a lot of weight. I began to feel better and the pain and inflammation that I felt all throughout my body began to lessen. I had more energy and felt like me again. It was at this point that I started to force myself to eat more fruits and vegetables. I have never really liked fruit and vegetables but I began to like the idea of eating them if they were going to make me feel this great.

Throughout the last several years I have done a lot of research on the internet, read lots of books and articles, and watched lots of documentaries on the topic of plant-based diets. There are a few types of plant-based diets out there. There is the Daniel Diet which follows what Daniel in the Bible ate. There is a raw vegan diet where you don’t eat cooked food. The belief here is that if the food is cooked it loses its nutrients. Then there is the Fruit diet where most of your calories come from eating fruit. And last but not least the Forks Over Knives diet that is becoming quite popular. FOK as it is also known works on cutting out processed foods and animal products like meat and dairy.

Celery was the first food that I decided to really like. I chose celery because I looked up its benefits and nutrients and saw that it was so full of good stuff that I decided I needed to eat more of it. I would eat celery sticks dipped in Ranch Dressing. Ya Ya…I know…Ranch Dressing? Well, I had to start somewhere and it was the only way I knew how to make it palatable. The next thing was bananas. They were high in potassium which was good for my heart. I have a diagnosis of SVT and one of the triggers is low potassium, hence more banana’s. Eventually, as I read more and more about the different fruits and vegetables I started to eat more of them. I ate an apple a day because the pectin in it is so good for your heart. I ate carrots because they are full of vitamin A. I added Coconut Water for the potassium. I ate more salads, tried sweet potatoes for the first time and continued to try new things and even new recipes and slowly began to enjoy cooking.

I didn’t just have SVT and weight issues to concern myself with but I also had panic attacks and generalized anxiety. I worked a high-stress job that was slowly killing me and I needed to get the anxiety under control. I discovered that low magnesium and low potassium were both triggers for anxiety. As I began to research foods high in magnesium and protein I began to add those in as well. Food became my hobby and one of my main interests. Looking back over the years of my life I can see that I had an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. I will touch on this in another post.

As I learned how to cook, shop and like fruits and vegetables I started to enjoy life more. I think because I had a clear mind, energy flowing through my veins, and had learned how to maintain my weight. In 2009 I was on 3 medications for my diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder. I was anxiety free for several years by just simply eating a diet full of nutrients and rich in flavor and abundance of variety. This year 2019 I am dealing with my father and his cancer and the anxiety has returned. I have kept it under control this time with a more natural means and that is with CBD oil. CBD is legal in all 50 states. I take 1-2 dropper full a day and it keeps me feeling like my normal self whereas medication made me lose myself.


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